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Retina's China-Thai Film and Television Promotion and the opening ceremony of the Retina China

Representative Office was held in Beijing

Retina Film & TV Production Co., Ltd. is a Thai company with more than ten years of experience in film and television co-production. It provides complete co-production services for many overseas film and television companies that need to shoot various film and television films in Thailand. In order to fully introduce Thailand's natural advantages and Retina's excellent service to Chinese customers, Retina presented the Reddish China-Thai Film and Television Promotion and Retina China Office at Wanda Wenhua Hotel on February 1, 2018. the opening ceremony.

At the event, the senior management of Retina introduced the results of Retina and the cooperation with the Chinese film and television industry in Thailand. Experienced personnel will introduce how to handle the film and television works in Thailand, including finding and recommending Thai sponsors for investors who need to shoot film and television works in Thailand. Lighting equipment leasing companies are also coming to provide more information and support services. Those who have actual co-production experience in Thailand introduce the focus of Sino-Thai film and television cooperation, and the reasons why Chinese companies choose Retina service. Retina College introduces the future development of Sino-Thai performance talents.

In recent years, film and television investors in many countries have chosen to shoot film and television works in Thailand. Thailand has become the main destination for filming countries around the world. Films from China are also increasing. China's films in Thailand include TV series, game shows, reality shows, documentaries, commercials, and feature films.

Retina saw the needs and necessity of Chinese film and television investors, so she held a press conference with the qualified partners of China and the opening ceremony of the Retina China representative office.

With more than 10 years of experience in film and television production services, Retina can provide complete services to clients. Whether it is a long film, TV series, advertisement, reality show or other works, we can make advance arrangements for customers. The team provides a one-stop service for the photography team. For example, the Beijing representative office assists clients in handling Thai visas and work permits to effectively prevent problems. The Retina College has concentrated on the cutting-edge performance talents in Thailand and is a highlight of Retina. Retina has the conditions to work together with Chinese customers. Retina's event will help promote the development of film and television cooperation between China and Thailand.

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