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The company was founded in 2006, initially founded as Anamorphic Co., Ltd. After the merger with Retina Film Produce Co., Ltd., the company has more than 10 years of experience in providing coordinating services in filmmaking for international crews who produce the feature film, television, commercials, reality shows, etc., the company has carefully planned. The team is efficient to maintain a professional and dedicated to the production of various types with a rigorous work concept. Make the most professional work.

Retina Film Production Co., Ltd. was incorporated under Thai law and has been accredited by the Department of Tourism, The Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand is a company that is qualified to coordinate foreign film and television production in Thailand


  • There is a representative office in Beijing, founded to provide coordinated services, document consolidation, and facilitate the filing of Chinese visas.

  • Has the ability to help fund production and find sponsors as appropriate.

  • Can provide both Thai actors and performers or the leading male and female performers in Thailand for the production company. 


Retina Film Production Company provides services for feature films, online movie, drama, variety show, reality show. Including coordinating for foreign company want to shoot the film in Thailand. There is also a team for Post Production, whether it is editing, dubbing or special effects.

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